The Power of Because

Today I made a change. It is a pretty simple change. In fact, I'm a little sad I didn't think of it on my own. Instead, someone else suggested it to me. Yet it was so easy, I just did it. The results have been brilliant! iTutor is an online English teaching company based in … Continue reading The Power of Because

How to Boost English Student Involvement

I think I'm a novice when it comes to teaching English online. However, I am trying to do a few things to help my students engage more with the learning process. These tips might help you or you might send me some even better tips! First, I try to smile and laugh. When I taught … Continue reading How to Boost English Student Involvement

Other People’s Money

Working from home means taking money from other people. This is, of course, always true. It just feels more personal when there is not a corporation or business or government to cushion even out any income fluctuations. For example, a self-employed plumber might make more money than a contract plumber. Yet the self-employed plumber might … Continue reading Other People’s Money

The Hardest Thing About Working From Home Is…

... Working. I know this might seem absurd but this is my conclusion early on in my home working life. Doing something meaningful, worthwhile and completely income free is a great temptation! I could go and play with the kids. I could read a book. I could zone out to sailing videos on YouTube. Or … Continue reading The Hardest Thing About Working From Home Is…

Can I Make Money Teaching English Online?

I recently chose to leave my career and begin something new. I made this choice for a number of reasons - most of them personal. However, some of my reasons might be common to you. I wanted to be more flexible in the time I spent working. I wanted to be at home more with … Continue reading Can I Make Money Teaching English Online?