The Hardest Thing About Working From Home Is…

… Working. I know this might seem absurd but this is my conclusion early on in my home working life.

Doing something meaningful, worthwhile and completely income free is a great temptation! I could go and play with the kids. I could read a book. I could zone out to sailing videos on YouTube.

Or I could get paid for doing something.

It seems to me this is a real difficulty. My life – and your life, too – has too many things going on to easily fit into any 24 hour period. The distractions are real and they are often valuable. My kids deserve my time. My wife is my partner in life. My home needs work to keep it in good shape. I certainly need more work to keep in shape!

Two things have really helped me so far.

First, I have a fixed schedule. Well, I sort of have a fixed schedule. Most of my work is done through a company called iTutor. I supply them with my “Prime Time” schedule each month and they automatically book clients into sessions for new. I can change this schedule and there is a lot of flexibility. However, since I start off with a calendar that already has work scheduled, I am finding staying on task much easier. If every day was a totally blank slate, I would be much more tempted to do something useful, valuable and free.

The second thing I have found helpful is having an income goal. My goal is pretty modest. This means I can easily judge my work level. If I’m behind on income then I know I need to do some more work. If I’m ahead then I can give myself permission to go do something else. A simple goal, easy to measure, is really useful to me.

Those two things, a schedule and a goal, are two great tools for me. I recommend the to you!

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