The Power of Because

Today I made a change. It is a pretty simple change. In fact, I’m a little sad I didn’t think of it on my own. Instead, someone else suggested it to me. Yet it was so easy, I just did it. The results have been brilliant!

iTutor is an online English teaching company based in China. As a consultant, I receive a base rate of pay per session. This is not a very high rate of pay for my location. It is barely above minimum wage. However, if any of my clients give me a rating after the class, then I receive a bonus from this rating. The amount of the bonus varies based on how many students were in the class and the rating itself. Nevertheless, the ratings are required for this job to pay anything close to an acceptable salary.

So how could I get more students to take the time to give me a rating?

Before this little change, I only received ratings from about 50% of my students. I’m not doing poorly – this seems to be common. How could I get the other half of my students to boost my income without telling them that is what they are doing? That was a huge question before today.

Today I starting saying because.

At the end of each session, I write a little report for each student. The reports are not more than five or six sentences. Before today, these had been pretty generic and probably bland. Today, I decided (because of someone else’s idea) to change these reports. Specifically, I did two things:

  • I made the reports like little notes to the student. I have included their name, praised their efforts and tried to give them tips for practice. I have written them as if I am speaking to the student.
  • I also included a simple statement. I wrote, “Please take time to give me some feedback and a rating BECAUSE this really helps me to improve as a teacher.”

Do you see that “because” I included? It works!

Today, I taught four students in three sessions. I received ratings from all four students and all four rated me as a perfect 10. What a difference!

Today was a slow day in terms of the number of students scheduled. Four students is a pretty low number so I’m going to continue to test this out.

However, there was a very interesting study done on the power of persuasion using the word because. Simply adding this word into a request makes people more likely to accept and comply.


So far, in only a small test, this has worked for me. I’ll give you an update in a week and see if this little trick is still working.

I want you to try it out because it could help your business!

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