How much money did I make at iTutor this month?

One of my biggest questions about teaching English online was whether I could actually earn enough money. I was not sure any online job could pay well enough to meet my family’s budget needs. Bonuses as part of my pay structure made me nervous. Worry about income was my most important concern about teaching online.

I have nearly finished one month of full-time teaching. For me, full-time means 26 hours a week. I know many people work much more than I do. My wife and I want our combined working hours to be around forty per week. So I don’t work more because I want to be free to look after the kids and the house while my wife works.

What does my income look like?

I have booked 78 slots for classes through the first three weeks of the month. I took a week off of work because we were moving house. Of these 78 slots, 69 were filled. One of my concerns before starting was whether I would have classes scheduled or not. I am receiving a high percentage of classes. My possible schedule is 88% full.

The bonus structure is a little complicated. Basically, when a client gives me a rating, I receive a multiple of my base pay rate in addition to the base rate I receive per class. So every class I teach pays me 1 BR (1 Base Rate). When a client gives me a rating, I might receive .6 of my base rate in addition to the 1 BR I received for teaching the class.

If that sounds complicated, let me break it down and give you an example.

If my base rate was £10 (it’s not!), then I would receive at least £10 (1 BR) for every session I teach. If a client gave me a 10 rating, then the bonus could be .6, which equals £6. This would be added to the session base rate and I would receive £16 for that session.

My base rate is not £10! I repeat this because everyone’s base rate is different and I do not want someone else to think I am earning way more than they are.

So what does this average out to in real sessions?

My real amounts for this month come out to an increase of about 180% over my base rate. This factors in all of my sessions. These can vary by student numbers as well as class structure. There are different types of classes and the pay for each one is slightly different.

If you are considering doing this, then I want you to know you can earn real money doing this kind of job!

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