130 Hours Later…

I have been teaching English online for more than 130 hours. That’s not a lot compared to some people but it is a lot for me.

Now I can begin to draw some conclusions on the early days of my foray into working from home and making money online. Earning real money online is possible!

The past month and a half has been a steep learning curve. I have had to try to navigate relationships with people I have never met and will never see  just by listening to them. I have been learning a new web interface for online meetings. I have been trying to manage technical issues while also talking live with English students.

This journey has been a lot of fun! I have really enjoyed meeting many new people. Despite only speaking to them without any video, I feel we have made some connections. I have had some repeat students. Being greeted by them like a returning friend has been a very cool and enjoyable part of this job.

What about the money?

Well, my wife and I have some pretty modest income goals for my working time. I don’t want to publish actual figures because other people work for the same company. However, I can tell you that I earn enough money to pay all my bills. I only plan to work 26 hours every week. Can a part-time job really pay the bills for a family of eight?

Yes it can!

If I were working full-time then my income could be something like £24,000 in a year working 48 weeks. Some people could go back and work the figures. Just remember that my bonus rate is going to affect my pay.

What’s the bottom line?

This is a great gig for someone who wants to earn money from home without spending a huge amount of time doing it. If you want to work full-time, then there are other ways to earn money online. Teaching English could be very lucrative, though.

There are ways to increase my income. I don’t teach children just now. This is an area where the pay rate is higher. I haven’t done a lot of recruiting but this is another area where commissions increase income.

Is it any fun?

Yes, it is great fun!

Some people can have fun doing just about anything. I’m one of those people.

What kind of personality is suitable for this job? I think all sorts of personalities could do very well. However, there are some things I think could be helpful for someone to really enjoy this work.

First, it will help to like meeting and talking to people. I don’t think I need to explain more about this. Still, let me make one thing clear: this is a service job. If you cannot get along with people then this is not the right job for you.

Second, an ability to improvise and enjoy improvisation is really useful. I have time to review lessons carefully and plan them out in detail. How much time do I usually have? Less than ten minutes! If your personality lends itself to careful, methodical planning of all aspects of your work, then this might be a challenge for you. If you can be prepared to just roll with it and think on your feet, then this job could be great.

Finally, being able to let go of bad experiences and move on swiftly is a key personality trait in this job. On a very slow day I could meet four students in a morning. During a busy morning I could meet up to twenty-four total strangers. They will not all like me. They might not all be happy about how I teach. Some of them will rate me badly or make complaints. This is just a fact. Being able to let go of these bad experiences and move on is a key skill for an online English teacher.

Will I keep going?

Yes! This is an easy job!!

I turn up for my class, teach it, write a report and then log off. What could be simpler?

Sure, I could complain about my company and their policies. I have to use special software. I have to wear a red polo shirt. Announcements about changes seem to happen randomly. These are minor irritants.

However, I have done other work. This is the easiest job I have ever had – by far!

Do you want to try this job?

Get in touch!

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