Summer is Over

Summer was an incredibly busy time for me as a teacher! Nearly every hour I booked was scheduled with students by the company. Most of my classes were with children and this was a big surprise for me. I had not taught children before. I discovered I really enjoy it. For some reason, the children really enjoyed me teaching them!

My pay during the summer hit record highs for me. I never booked more than 28 hours in a week but almost all of these were scheduled with students. I really enjoyed how the company managed this because I could just turn up to teach classes and did not have to worry about scheduling students or arranging material. I just logged on, put my headset on and talked to Chinese kids.

I work a fixed schedule and so I have the same hours every day. I adjusted these each month to fit with what my family was doing and was what I needed to do each week. The schedule worked out really well for me and for my family and we enjoyed the summer.

Now, the children have gone back to school and my classes are changing a little bit. I’m already seeing more adults in my classes. I have also taught a few Chinese children and Taiwanese children who are in special language schools. These kids go to their normal school for a few hours in the day and then they leave their school and go to a language learning centre. I don’t mind. It doesn’t seem to really make any difference to me where the student is learning.

Teaching English online has been fun for me during the summer and I look forward to continuing to work from home and earn good money during the autumn.

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