How to Talk to Someone Who Doesn’t Speak English

One of the most common questions I get asked is, "do you speak Chinese?" The reason people ask this is because they wonder how I can talk to someone who doesn't speak English when I don't speak their language. This is a really good question! Being from America, the stereotypical way I thought about talking … Continue reading How to Talk to Someone Who Doesn’t Speak English

Summer is Over

Summer was an incredibly busy time for me as a teacher! Nearly every hour I booked was scheduled with students by the company. Most of my classes were with children and this was a big surprise for me. I had not taught children before. I discovered I really enjoy it. For some reason, the children … Continue reading Summer is Over

130 Hours Later…

I have been teaching English online for more than 130 hours. That's not a lot compared to some people but it is a lot for me. Now I can begin to draw some conclusions on the early days of my foray into working from home and making money online. Earning real money online is possible! … Continue reading 130 Hours Later…

How much money did I make at iTutor this month?

One of my biggest questions about teaching English online was whether I could actually earn enough money. I was not sure any online job could pay well enough to meet my family's budget needs. Bonuses as part of my pay structure made me nervous. Worry about income was my most important concern about teaching online. … Continue reading How much money did I make at iTutor this month?

The Power of Because

Today I made a change. It is a pretty simple change. In fact, I'm a little sad I didn't think of it on my own. Instead, someone else suggested it to me. Yet it was so easy, I just did it. The results have been brilliant! iTutor is an online English teaching company based in … Continue reading The Power of Because

How to Boost English Student Involvement

I think I'm a novice when it comes to teaching English online. However, I am trying to do a few things to help my students engage more with the learning process. These tips might help you or you might send me some even better tips! First, I try to smile and laugh. When I taught … Continue reading How to Boost English Student Involvement

Other People’s Money

Working from home means taking money from other people. This is, of course, always true. It just feels more personal when there is not a corporation or business or government to cushion even out any income fluctuations. For example, a self-employed plumber might make more money than a contract plumber. Yet the self-employed plumber might … Continue reading Other People’s Money